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QTO Subdomain - FLORIDA   // FLORIDA // : (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com
QTO Subdomain - FLORIDA

QTO Subdomain - FLORIDA // FLORIDA // : (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com

QTO Subdomain - FLORIDA  // FLORIDA //
: (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com
QTO Subdomain - FLORIDA  // FLORIDA //
: (866)-493-4944

Construction Document Requirements in Florida

Construction Document Requirements in FloridaConstruction is a complex process including various tedious procedures which require great attention and precision. Construction documents are very important as they comprise of all building plans, specifications, and supporting documents that are used during the completion of a construction project. Submittal requirements for construction in Florida include information, documentation and plans along with fully completed permit application forms. The plan review of construction documents include:


The Bureau of Building Construction supervises the construction of public buildings statewide, offering project management oversight for facilities that may not employ the technical staff to execute these duties. The bureau is accountable for managing Fixed Capital Outlay (FCO) funds checked by the Florida Legislature and overseeing the repair and renovation of various building facilities. Besides, bureau staffs also double as construction managers for other agencies, to manage their overloaded funds and guarantee contract compliance for their agency’s projects. The different construction documents that are required in Florida before initiating a building project are mentioned below:


  • Sustainable Buildings and Energy Initiatives
  • Project Information: The Project information includes details about the Active Project Information, Graphic image of construction, analyist and the map of Florida, Basic Project Information, Number of Active Projects, Location of Active Projects, Project Status, Project Manager Workloads, Notice to Proceed Date, whether the funds released to proceed or not, and information about the Project Manager.
  • Design Professionals: In order to comply with Florida Law, contractors must act promptly in handling the invoices, recording dates, amounts approval for payment, voucher numbers, and warrant numbers, as applicable and in initialing and retaining copy. Design Professional require to submit the following completed forms:
    • AE01 Invoice Routing Transmittal
    • AE02 A/E Invoice
    • AE02a A/E Invoice
    • AE02b A/E Invoice
    • AE03 A/E Minority Business Enterprise Status Report of Partial Payment
    • AE05 Advertisement to Bid Construction
    • AE06 Invitation to Bid
    • AE07 Bid Tabulation
    • AE08 Construction Contract Change Order
    • AE09 Certificate of Substantial Completion by Contractor
    • AE10 Final Pay Request Checklist
    • AE11 Certificate of Contract Completion by Contractor
    • AE12 Selection of Design Professional
    • AE12a Professional Qualification Supplement (PQS)
    • AE13 Authorization to Reconcile Design Professional Contract Fees
    • AE14 Certificate of Specification No Prohibited Hazardous Material
    • AE18 ADA Compliance Form


  • Contractor Information
  • Provider Opportunities
  • Facilities Accountability Communications Tool (FACT)
  • Forms and Documents: The contractor also requires submitting various forms and documents to offer a precise outlook for the upcoming projects. This includes Service Life Sheet:


Equipment Item Service Life (Years)
Air Conditioners  
Window unit 10
Residential single or split package 15
Commercial through-the-wall 15
Water-cooled package 15
Heat Pumps  
Residential Air-to-Air 15
Commercial Air-to-Air 15
Commercial Water-to-Air 19
Roof-Top Air Conditioners  
Single-Zone 15
Multi-Zone 15
Boilers, Hot Water (Steam)  
Steel Water-Tube 24 (30)
Steel Fire-Tube 25 (25)
Cast Iron 35 (30)
Electric 15
Burners 21
Gas Or Oil-Fired 18
Unit Heaters  
Gas Or Electric 13
Hot Water Or Steam 20
Radiant Heaters  
Electric 10
Hot Water Or Steam 25
Air Terminals  
Diffusers, Grilles, And Registers 27
Induction And Fan-Coil Units 20
Vav And Double-Duct Boxes 20
Air Washers 17
Ductwork 30
Dampers 20
Centrifugal 25
Axial 20
Propeller 15
Ventilating Roof-Mounted 20
Ventilating Roof-Mounted 20
Electric 15
Heat Exchangers  
Shell-And-Tube 24
Reciprocating Compressors 20
Package Chillers  
Reciprocating 20
Centrifugal 23
Absorption 23
Cooling Towers  
Galvanized Metal 20
Wood 20
Ceramic 34
Air-Cooled Condensors 20
Evaporative Condensers 20
Molded 20
Blanket 24
Base-Mounted 20
Pipe-Mounted 10
Sump And Well 10
Condensate 15
Reciprocating Engines 20
Steam Turbines 30
Electric Motors 18
Motor Starters 17
Electric Transformers 30
Pneumatic 20
Electric 16
Electronic 15
Valve Actuators  
Hydraulic 15
Pneumatic 20
Self-Contained 10


The various other documents that are part of the submittal requirement are:


  • ADA Procedure ADA Coordinator
  • AE and CM Continuing Contract Maps and Listings
  • Background Check Process
  • Design and Construction Guidelines
  • Design Professional Fee Guidelines
  • Florida Building Code Information System (Department of Community Affairs)
  • Plans Exemption Law
  • Building Plans Distribution (FACT)
  • Professional Services Evaluation Tables (PD12 Rev 7-12)
  • Professional Services Guide
  • Sample Construction Manager Agreement
  • DMS Pre-qualifications Instructions to Submit Bid

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